A4HU Boosts Youth Club Income Generation in Four Districts

Community Blog
Sunday Jun 09, 2019

My name is Joel. My club, ‘Muvubuka Agunjuse’ has been making reusable sanitary towels for a few years now. Even before our training in life skills and entrepreneurship by Action 4 Health Uganda, we always had a desire to be able to fund our social projects to the young people in our community. After the training, we got the idea to start a reusable sanitary towel project, which we know is relevant to young girls in our community who mostly cannot afford disposable towels every month. We’ve taught several young people in Kisenyi and surrounding communities how to make and properly use these sanitary towels, and our district leadership has appreciated out efforts so far. We’re glad to receive professional sewing equipment from A4HU, which with training, will help us to produce high quality products which we can sell for an income.

Six youth clubs from Mukono, Kampala, Tororo and Busia districts (“Kasawo”, “Mission Youth Uganda”, “Muvubuka Agunjuse”, “Youth Talent Exposition and Development Association”, “Moriwa”, and “Buteba Programme Youth Association”) received support to initiate successful income generating projects through A4HU’s Young People’s Empowerment project, with support from BMZ. The projects were selected out of 40 applications from over 50 youth clubs for their ability to promote skilling of youth, while increasing incomes through trade in products of high social and economic value.

From growing Asilla tomatoes to catering and tailoring, the supported projects are expected to enable the young people to contribute to the development of their communities while providing a platform to engage their peers in conversations to develop their knowledge and acceptance of their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

The Young People’s Empowerment Project strengthens the capacities of 40 Youth Clubs and 5 Youth Empowerment Centres in Mukono, Kampala, Tororo and Busia districts on Sexual Reproductive Health and income generating activities in order to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situation of young people in Uganda.