Youth Truck SRHR Open Days and COVID Immunisation Mobilisation

Community Blog
Monday Nov 01, 2021

From the 16th to 21st of October 2021, the Youth Truck held our Open House SRHR days in conjunction with Youth Empowerment Centre’s of Tororo, Busia and Kamuli districts. The Open house SRHR days purposed to increase access to quality SRHR information for young people, strengthen referral linkages for SRHR/FP service uptake at health facilities, and popularize Youth Empowerment Centre activities. Open day activities also served to increase awareness on the impact of COVID-19 on communities including high teenage pregnancy rates,  increased SGBV, HIV, and drug and substance abuse cases, and decreased access to  Family Planning services. The activity was held at Mella playground in Tororo district, Kayoro Community play ground in Busia district, and Kitayunjwa sub county playground in Kamuli district.  A total of 513 young people, 311 males and 202 females participated in the activities across the districts. A varied number of community, CSO, and wider stakeholder representatives also participated in the events both physically, and via online platforms.

The Youth Truck also supported COVID-19 vaccination community mobilisation efforts by Wakiso and Kamuli districts. The districts have since reported a marked increase in community vaccination uptake.  The plenaries held during the mobilization activities focused on sustainable solutions for the SRHR and gender inequalities faced by young people.
One underlying recommendation was regular community dialogues that facilitate engagement with ‘community gatekeepers’ like parents who  can influence safer spaces for young people.