A4HU Holds Annual “Youth Bash”

News Update
Monday Jan 13, 2020

Action 4 Health Uganda (A4HU) held its annual youth bash dubbed #NdiClear. The bash celebrates young people and their contribution to SRH and social economic empowerment. The bash which attracted over 150 young people was used as an opportunity to award youth clubs for their excellent performance in communities in provision of SRH information and services and empowering young people.

While addressing the young people, the Chief Guest, Dr. Richard Mugahi, Assistant Commissioner adolescent health at the ministry of health noted that there is no better investment that we can do as a country other than investing in you young people.

“By investing in you, A4HU wants you to become a fully responsible citizen who is empowered economically, empowered in terms of knowledge and empowered in terms of reproductive health issues,” Dr. Richard said, adding “We want you to become the person you admire. We want you to achieve to your full potential.”

Dr. Richard advsied the young people to be become agents of good health in the communities.

“We want you to be disciples of good health, economic empowerment, family planning and economic transformation. However, we can only do this when you are safe and alive. As you move away from here, we need you to link your peers to health facilities where they can get help. That’s why you have been chosen because you have more knowledge than all the other peers,” Dr. Richard said.

Dr. Mugahi advised the young people to make messages simple and clear for their folks in communities.

“When you go back to the community, don’t make messages complicated for your colleagues. Tell them to do the small little things like personal hygiene, getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet, drinking safe water and these things are not expensive. When you keep healthy, you can be anything,” Dr. Richard advised.

The CEO A4HU Dr. Florence Ajok echoed the need to refocus our advoccacy efforts if we are to better the lives of young people. “I know we are more into advocacy, so what are those things we are advocating for? There are so many, thus the need to prioritise and aligning them to our strategic plan,” She said.

The expo was used as an opportunity for young to showcase and exhibit their innovations and skills during the event.

The expo further had breakaway sessions that covered several topics including; self-esteem, public speaking, advocacy, menstruation hygiene, group dynamics, social media and IT, STI management, family Planning and monitoring & evaluation.