A4HU Training Enabled Me Appreciate Family Planning

News Update
Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

With the right information and access to health care, young people can make informed decisions about their SRHR. At A4HU, we are committed to creating demand for and access to health information, services, supplies, and economic empowerment for youth.

With that in mind Action 4 Health Uganda (A4HU) and Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW) supported Social Economic Empowerment Project (SEEP) that coordinates peer to peer cascading of SRH information to over 2000 young people in 40 youth clubs in Wakiso, Tororo, Busia, Kampala, and Mukono districts.

Through our youth led model, A4HU empowers young people to advocate for improved SRH services, socio-economic opportunities through engaging and influencing decision making processes. We do this throw capacity development, civic education, mentorship, and advocacy.

Among those trained is Muzafar Hassan, from Nambochole Development Group, Busia, Uganda who appreciated the SRH training and the impact it has had in his life.

“My training by Action 4 Health Uganda taught me more about family planning and when to have kids. A4HU gave us condoms, pills and taught us how to use them as family planning methods. I just want the health centres in the community to give us young people a Youth Corner where we can go and talk about STDs and be free because youths are too shy to talk about it and they suffer a lot in silence,” Muzafar said.  

As a way to cascade information to his peers, Muzafar reaches out to young people in the community passing on the information about family planning and dispelling any myths and misconceptions.

“I teach my neighbours about family planning by giving them condoms and telling them about the use of pills. The problem with the young people is that they have a lot of myths about family planning and don’t want to hear about it, which is why they end up having many kids that they cannot take care of and putting themselves at risk. HIV can be prevented – I use condoms to protect myself. It’s an effective and affordable method. I always encourage my fellow peer educators to tell the community that HIV and AIDS are real, unplanned pregnancies are real and people should worry about the things they do.” – Muzafar Hassan, Nambochole Development Group, Busia, Uganda.