The program aims at improving the lives of 50,000 youth in 5 sub counties(Kalangalo, Malangala, Maanyi, Bulera and ,Bbanda) in Mityana District through improved health, hygiene behavior, increased income and civic engagement.

Thematic areas:

  • Improving health with a particular focus on SRHR on specific problems related to water, sanitation and hygiene that impede youth development.
  • Improving the economic situation of youth and their families through agribusiness and entrepreneurship support.
  • Enabling youth to make their voices heard in decision making processes.

Program Outcomes:

  • Ensuring that students in 9 targeted schools have ac-cess to improved sanitation facilities and students in 61 targeted schools have basic knowledge on hygiene and health.
  • Targeted youth have improved their economic situation.
  • Targeted youth, with emphasis on female youth, make their voices heard and influence decisions that affect their lives.

Program Activities:

  • Providing young people in target schools with improved sanitation facilities and basic hygiene knowledge.
  • Training peer facilitators on SRHR and life skills.
  • Providing community peer learning sessions facilitated by peer facilitators.
  • Facilitating cascading activities for peer educators to provide SRHR information to peers.
  • Creation of Youth Farmer Field Schools (YFFS) to facilitate in the move to improve agribusiness in the target areas.
  • To identify and train water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) entrepreneurs.
  • To provide water maintenance and management training in order to ensure sustainable water infrastructure in the target area.
  • To start the process of engaging youth in undertaking climate change resilient and good agricultural practices.
  • To ensure synergetic activities in order to create a well rounded youth who is “leading a healthy and self determined life”.