The overall goal of the Youth Socio-Economic Empowerment Project is to ensure the improvement of the health and socio-economic situation of young people in Uganda.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Establish a youth-led network to promote youth interests and youth-friendly services in 4 districts of Uganda
  • Ensure support for youth clubs and the provision of youth-friendly health and social services in 40 communities
  • Build strong capacities of youth clubs and youth centres in SRH and income generating activities 

Seven interrelated outputs have been conceived to achieve this outcome:

  • 50% more young people use sexual and reproductive health services
  • 50% more young people report to be involved in decision-making processes
  • 120 Champions promote youth interests in the public sphere
  • The secretariat of the network organizes a minimum of 4 events/campaigns every year
  • 32 Clubs receive financial and in-kind support from their communities
  • 15 Health centres provide youth-friendly services
  • 20 clubs and 4 YECs implement income generating activities.
  • 540 peer educators share their knowledge on SRH, life skills & entrepreneurship in 2,160 peer learning groups

The project emphasizes the importance of young people in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs that strengthen their social, economic and cultural roles. It also recognizes the limited number of NGOs with particular concern about the combination of youth promotion/empowerment and the strengthening of the SRG and associated rights. It therefore promotes the provision of youth friendly information and services to meet the high need that cannot be met by the local, state institutions alone.

Thematic Areas

The project contributes to the following thematic areas of A4HU’s strategic plan: 

  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)
  • Youth Economic Empowerment
  • Youth Civic Engagement and
  • Youth Institutional Capacity Strengthening